Silver stainless steel miniaturized cyclones for spray drying and other processes, custom fabricated to perfectly fit tank lids. Food and pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel is fabricated in dedicated bays to prevent contamination and maintain quality.

Case Study: Spray & Drying Equipment

Posted: January 2023


About The Client

A leading custom spray drying services company was planning a significant expansion, eager to elevate its growing enterprise. Recognizing the necessity of a partner with a mature project management structure and the capacity to manufacture high-quality equipment across three facilities, they embarked on a pivotal journey.

The Problem

Challenged by the need for design, equipment, and installation aligned with new budgets, timelines, and objectives, the company faced hurdles due to inadequate vendor support and quality. Struggling with inefficient project management and inconsistent communication, they encountered escalating costs, quality issues, and numerous missed deadlines. These challenges, compounded by the overdue need for operational equipment, put their entire growth strategy at risk.

As the project progressed, another pressing challenge emerged: adhering to an exceptionally tight schedule.

The Solution

SWF Industrial, with a strong understanding of the company’s predicament, stepped in with a comprehensive strategy to expedite the expansion.

John Landis, SWF Business Development Manager, explains, “We took charge of the project’s equipment aspect, aiding in the design process and refining the procedures in collaboration with the installer to seamlessly integrate everything.”

This approach involved meticulously designing the equipment, establishing rigorous schedules, and conducting pre-installation tests to guarantee optimal performance. Through their seasoned, mature project management philosophy and a team of adept professionals and skilled welders, SWF was committed to fulfilling the client’s expectations.

SWF’s weekly team meetings, focusing on proactive problem-solving to meet the client’s stringent deadlines, kept the project within the tight timelines throughout the project. Their mature project management philosophies and expert business development and production teams ensured that SWF’s fabrication processes did not delay the client’s installation timeline.

The Result

final product, particularly noting the ease of installation. The delivery was timely, and the installation at the client’s facility proceeded smoothly.

John Landis reflects, “The collaboration’s success is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and dedication, ensuring satisfaction at every stage.”

Throughout the project, SWF consistently met deadlines and quality benchmarks. Their proficiency in project management not only streamlined processes but also fortified their relationship with the client, evolving into a long-term partnership.

Landis concludes, “Our ability to swiftly address and rectify any issues reinforces the trust our clients place in us, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes and lasting partnerships.”

Last Updated: January 2024

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