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Case Study: Jacketed Piping System

Posted: February 2022

About the Client

Tight schedules and imperfect resources are problems all companies deal with from time to time. An SWF client needed a jacketed piping system designed, built, and installed from only Piping and Instrumentation (P&ID) drawings. They had a tight deadline but knew that if anyone could do it, SWF Industrial would, and they would do it right.

The Problem

They needed to create a jacketed piping system, designed around the client’s current equipment, built on the fly, without a road map, and with a tight turnaround. Creativity was just the beginning; this job would require artisanship, dedication to their craft, and the kind of ingenuity that only comes from a deep well of experience.

Dealing with a tight deadline is no problem for a stellar project manager, but it can be a bit more of a stretch when you start with less information than you usually do. The team at SWF Industrial took the problems in stride; they had P&ID drawings, a deadline, and a goal to achieve.

The Solution

From that scant pile of resources, and their combined expertise, the team at SWF set out to the client location and proceeded to field run and install a well-built, reliable jacketed piping system to feed production. When tested, the system ran within expected parameters and met all of the client’s needs.

The system worked as expected.

The Result

That kind of troubleshooting and innovation comes from decades of experience. It’s also profoundly engrained in SWF Industrial’s culture. They take pride in their craftsmanship, creativity, and character. When completed, this complex jacketed piping system allowed the client to move ahead and hit their production deadline.

That’s how SWF Industrial builds partnerships that last.