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Case Study: Food Manufacturing Equipment Installation

Posted: February 2022

About the Client

When a top overseas food manufacturing client called SWF Industrial for an equipment installation, no one knew that a worldwide pandemic would attempt to derail the project. As with most high-level installs, this client’s next business steps rested on hitting their original deadlines; they had a production date to meet and were counting on SWF to deliver on time.

The Problem

Having been involved in this project from an early stage, SWF Industrial was working with an overseas food manufacturer to manage the installation of a new line with outside engineers. SWF’s tasks included setting the equipment and tying systems together, collaborating with external contractors and engineers.

Then, amid this intensive teamwork, virus protocols suddenly disrupted everything, sending engineers back to their home countries and setting events in motion to prevent the client from hitting their important production date.

You cannot always see a problem coming. How you respond when problems happen shows your character.

The Solution

Despite what could have been a significant setback, SWF Industrial’s highly motivated team kept their eyes on the prize and immediately set out to find a new way to keep moving. Utilizing secure online meeting technology, Facetime, and digital communication tools, the dedicated team at SWF never broke stride.

SWF Industrial reached out to engineers safely across the globe for every problem, troubleshooting and creating solutions with diverse team members to deliver on their client’s expectations.

The Result

The team at SWF knew that a lot was riding on hitting the set production date for this client and stepped up their virtual game to assure the best outcome.

Marrying their decades of experience in project management and fabrication with a can-do attitude and adoption of innovative communications tech allowed the project to move forward toward the original production date. You cannot always predict pitfalls, but dedication to top-notch artisanship and communication is a solid foundation for intelligent problem solving and ethical project management.

That’s how SWF Industrial builds partnerships that last.