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Case Study: Equipment Bases

Posted: February 2022

About the Client

In any highly competitive market, cost and quality are everything. When a leading company needed equipment bases with very tight tolerances for the base surfaces, they faced a complicated and expensive process. That is, until they came to SWF Industrial with their problem.

The Problem

Equipment bases are expensive. When dealing with a competitive market, lowering costs is essential to raising profits. However, any cost-cutting can be disastrous if done poorly. When this client came to SWF Industrial, their major problem was staying competitive when their equipment bases required extremely tight tolerances.

They knew that to succeed, they had to find a way to produce their equipment bases at a lower cost and without losing any structural integrity. They came to SWF Industrial to solve that problem.

The Solution

Those tight tolerances made the fabrication of needed bases too expensive to remain competitive. They required machining mid-fabrication to deliver the required outcome. The game was rigged, it appeared; the cost was prohibitive to produce what they needed.

SWF Industrial changed the game. They collaborated with the customer to eliminate the need for those extreme tolerances. They were able to deliver the same quality expected, with superior functionality and strength the client required while cutting production costs.

The Result

SWF Industrial delivered on the client’s expectations through expert design and fabrication, adept project management, and old-fashioned ingenuity. The fabricated machine bases met the client’s needs while also positioning them to bring a more competitive product to market. SWF Industrial’s team of dedicated professionals created an innovative solution to a problem that appeared to be unavoidable, and they did it on time.

That’s how SWF Industrial builds partnerships that last.