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Case Study: Cryogenics Equipment

Posted: February 2022

About the Client

When an industry leader in cryogenics needed to move production from Europe to the United States, they turned to SWF Industrial to make that change possible. Several issues were complicating the move, including dissimilar measuring systems and a need to improve the constructability of the products. SWF Industrial had the capabilities they needed to complete the move.

The Problem

All the drawings created were in metric, and many areas of the process needed improvement. The dedicated and creative team at SWF Industrial worked together with their client’s in-house engineering team to convert all the drawings into imperial measurements and reduce the overall fabrication cost.

They completed constructability reviews and a value engineering analysis, on which they based their recommendations. SWF also needed to reduce warping caused by long horizontal welds on stainless steel to hit the client’s goals. Their challenge was to reduce cost, improve reliability and quality, and do it on time.

The Solution

After fully converting the drawings and determining the best ways to streamline the process, SWF Industrial introduced state-of-the-art laser welding to the problematic welds. This reduced warpage and, in turn, lowered the cost of the final product; the warping did not require straightening after welding, cutting an expensive step from the process. Improving the process for fabrication opened the door for the client to produce a better-made product, at a faster rate, for less.

The Result

The result of the SWF Industrial reviews and design tweaks in production allowed their client to create a more cost-effective product in a reliable time frame. The advantages of going to market with a more competitive product cannot be overstated in a shrinking world. Collaborating with the consummate professionals at SWF Industrial set our client up for success. That’s how SWF Industrial builds partnerships that last.