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Case Study: Value Engineering

Posted: February 2022

About the Client

When a major barrier systems manufacturer found themselves dealing with high production costs and quality issues, they knew they needed to improve their process. They were looking for fundamental changes with measurable results and a reliable partner to assure those changes were on time and cost-effective.

The Problem

The manufacturer sought out SWF Industrial to perform a Value Engineering analysis and improve their barrier system process. Quality, useability, savings, and improved reliability would help the client meet its production goals and customers’ expectations. SWF Industrial applied their creativity and expertise to the customer’s problem. They needed an innovative solution designed to work better at lower cost while eliminating known quality issues with the final product.

The Solution

Value Engineering, assessing processes to apply changes designed to save money without sacrificing required quality, requires a deep understanding of industry requirements and the fabrication prowess to make changes happen. SWF Industrial used their decades of experience, reimagining the fabrication process and changing the machining type and timing to improve the overall process.

SWF’s client’s stated goal was to lower product cost and improve quality issues arising over time with their product. SWF Industrial’s team collaborated closely with the client and delivered a reliable solution based on their decades of experience.

The Result

Barrier systems are integral to many types of products created in the food and pharmaceutical industries, controlling access and reducing the chances of non-sterile units. SWF Industrial’s process and machining changes for their client delivered on their expectations, both reliably lowering cost and improving the quality of units produced over time.

Open communication, stellar project management, and old-fashioned problem solving may not be standard, but at SWF, they are built-in to the process. That’s how SWF Industrial builds partnerships that last.