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Case Study: Carbon Steel Platform

Posted: February 2022

About the Client

The client faced a huge problem: they needed a carbon steel platform, but the platform project was over budget and designed in a way that would be even more costly during installation. The project was already under timing constraints and budgetary concerns that led the client to seek better answers. That’s when they brought SWF Industrial in to help them meet their goals.

The Problem

The manufacturer sought out SWF Industrial to perform a Value Engineering analysis and improve their barrier system process. Quality, useability, savings, and improved reliability would help the client meet its production goals and customers’ expectations. SWF Industrial applied their creativity and expertise to the customer’s problem. They needed an innovative solution designed to work better at lower cost while eliminating known quality issues with the final product.

The Solution

The client needed to reduce the fabrication, materials, and installation costs of a project they already had designed without losing quality. They also required answers quickly to meet their timeline. SWF Industrial’s team reviewed their drawings, assessing the design and materials utilization. They were looking for what some engineers forget, value and quality without waste that comes in under budget.

The Result

SWF Industrial exceeded expectations. The project was not just on time and budget; the solutions implemented reduced the cost of materials and fabrication due to requiring less time to complete and reduced the cost and time of installation. SWF Industrial came in under the original budget and ahead of schedule.

That’s how SWF Industrial builds partnerships that last.