SWF Industrial’s New Laser Cutter: Endless Possibilities

Posted: February 2023

SWF Industrial’s newly acquired Amada 9,000-watt laser cutter is designed to meet the demands of the metal fabrication industry. Better yet, the laser cutter presents more options, opportunities, and creativity for SWF’s clients. Coupled with the 4,000-watt laser cutter SWF already has in its arsenal, it opens endless possibilities.

Higher Capacity, Higher Speed and Even More Efficiency

Among those possibilities is the capacity to take on more work. Not only can SWF do its cutting work faster, but it will also be able to expand its scope in high-volume production. Up to this point, SWF had only been using its laser cutter on its own projects and products. But with the newly purchased equipment, SWF is now available to take on laser cutting work for other companies. That’s especially important given SWF is located in South Central Pennsylvania, a hotbed for this type of work.

While most companies providing laser cutting services stick to flat metal, SWF Industrial adds its own unique touch to laser cutting work with its broad range of services and capabilities. In addition to laser cutting, SWF can provide bending and fabrication to any laser cutting project based on the customer’s drawings and specifications.

What the New Laser Cutter Offers

The new equipment offers SWF Industrial many opportunities to help its customers. 

SWF’s expanded laser cutting capabilities:

Load/Unload Module

Laser cutters are best for cutting flat sheet metal. With its new laser cutter, SWF has greater (and quicker) capacity. That means a quicker turnaround for its customers and the ability to take on more for its clients.


SWF already uses a 4,000-watt laser cutter (and will continue to use it). However, the new 9,000-watt machine is so powerful it completes tasks up to four times faster, helping it expand its high-volume production capabilities and meet its clients’ demands with quicker and more precise work.


SWF’s new laser cutter comes equipped with a cycle loader that delivers increased efficiency, leading to faster turnaround times for each project. With the increased efficiency, and SWF’s versatility and craftsmanship, the possibilities of what it can do for its customers are endless.

More Capabilities for SWF

Not only will the new laser cutter be a game-changer for SWF’s clients, but it has also transformed the company’s physical plant. To accommodate the size and scope of the new laser cutter, SWF built a mezzanine over it, complete with eight new offices. In other words, adding the laser cutter gave SWF more floor space.

SWF Industrial: Let’s Build a Partnership

SWF Industrial takes deep pride in its relationships with its partners, and demonstrates this with their dedication and focus on continuously adding new equipment and new capabilities to bring more value to their partners. Through excellent communication, growth, and innovation, they build more than products, they build relationships.

Looking for the right partner for your industrial or commercial fabrication or metalworking project? SWF proudly offers industry-leading services, highly experienced, long-term employees, and decades of expertise. Start a conversation with their experienced team today to discuss your project.