industrial employee welding a sheet metal cabinet in a shop

Case Study: Sheet Metal

Posted: March 2023

About The Client

A well-known retailer was looking to expand into a new market and perform the updates and changes needed to be able to do it successfully. To accomplish this goal, the company needed a partner offering world-class sheet metal fabrication services and top-notch project management.

That’s where SWF Industrial came in.

The Problem

Historically, the company found some success using wooden cabinets and countertops. However, to accomplish their strategic growth plan, they knew that strictly using wood could limit their growth. Their management team knew that they needed a partner with deep knowledge of creating more versatile cabinets and countertops to facilitate moving into a new market.

The company needed an equipment overhaul using unfamiliar materials to help them reach its new markets efficiently. After many years of using wood, the company needed another material that fit their plans.

As fate would have it, the company’s purchasing manager had been watching the local morning news and saw a commercial for SWF. He was aware of the company’s needs, and immediately, a lightbulb went on. SWF Industrial, a fabricator that could help the company transition into new markets, was clearly what they needed.

Later that day, he informed the company’s CEO about SWF’s advertisement and how it could be just what the company needed to expand its business.

The Solution

SWF’s Business Development Manager, Mary Phong, pointed out that the company had been used to working exclusively on a “construction schedule,” which means it had planned out every week down to every minute detail. That left very little wiggle room for SWF to deliver the custom-fabricated, commercial-grade sheet metal cabinets and countertops. 

SWF delivered to their exact specifications through value engineering, helping to design the stainless sheet metal countertops and equipment, and setting schedules with its experienced project management team to meet the client’s expectations.

As a result, SWF built a strong relationship with this company, and to this day, they continue to produce and fabricate custom one-offs for them.

The company and SWF Industrial have been working exclusively for seven years and are just getting started. Partly because of SWF Industrial’s expertise in project management, which helped make their processes more efficient, earning their confidence and turning the project into another close partnership. Meanwhile, the company has seen an increase in workload from delving into the new side of the business, as well as a lot of growth, according to SWF Chief Operating Officer Brian Reider. “The company has taken its business to a new level and can offer its customers so much more than it could previously.”

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