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Case Study: Piping Skid

Posted: November 2022

About the Client

When a global food industry client lacked the capacity needed to bring their innovative concept into reality, they turned to SWF Industrial. Our client’s new proprietary filtration skid purifies a fermentation broth. To accomplish this, they knew that they needed a partner with a regimented project management structure, and the capability to deliver high-quality, sanitary piping that met their exact specifications.

The Problem

Food-grade stainless steel welding is a difficult task and requires a dedicated stainless steel bay to control contamination. Our client knows that their piping skid design will revolutionize their market niche within the food and beverage industry. Lacking the space required to produce several piping skids, they partnered with us to meet their deadline and accomplish their goal. We provided them with the capacity they required along with the facilities, expertise, and project management capabilities needed to help them achieve their goals.

Through careful and diligent project management, we were able to seamlessly coordinate with the client’s team and solve several roadblocks, including supply-line issues, back-ordered parts, intensive inspections, and tight deadlines.

The Solution

SWF’s flexibility, facilities, project management acumen, and stainless-steel expertise kept the project on track and in line with our client’s expectations throughout the entire process. Despite the roadblocks that could have derailed the project, the inspections went through as expected, and their piping skid system is slated to deliver on time.

Our mature project management philosophy and experienced team worked seamlessly in tandem with the client and their team to ensure that the project ran smoothly throughout the entire process.

The Result

Our decades of experience, expertise, and project management skills provide innovative world-leading manufacturers with the support they need, building long-term partnerships as we help them accomplish their biggest goals.

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