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Case Study: Multi-National Bakery Expands its Headquarters

Posted: June 2023

About The Client

The client, a well-known and beloved family-owned and operated consumer bakery company in Pennsylvania, has been serving baked goods for customers since the 1950s. The client also has grown to a recognizable brand name known around the world.

The Problem

From its humble beginnings in a home garage, the company has expanded into two commercial baking facilities, with significant growth in worldwide distribution, product lines, and technology integration.

Over the past several years, the company has been growing at an astounding rate, experiencing substantial growth in both its fresh retail business and its frozen international business. This increased demand led to a capacity challenge, especially given that their last expansion in Georgia had already been filled. The company knew that further expanding production capabilities in Pennsylvania to keep up with the growing demand while maintaining high-quality and efficient service was essential.

The Solution

To cater to the increased demand, the bakery decided to undergo its 10th expansion. The company planned to add an entirely new bakery line to its existing production facility. Their ambitious and necessary expansion would get them an additional 260,000 square feet of production capacity and a 16,000 square-foot cold dock. The cold dock would supply frozen products for exporting to third-party international distribution partners.

SWF Industrial was chosen as their fabrication partner, working alongside a large, local contractor. Primarily built with concrete, the bakery was a testament to the sturdiness and steadfastness of the company. However, its uniqueness came from the metals chosen for its construction. Not the ordinary carbon steel usually preferred by most companies, but aluminum and stainless steel — an innovative choice.

As experts in miscellaneous metals, SWF Industrial has been sought after specifically due to its’ proficiency with aluminum and stainless steel. But as SWF delved deeper into the planning, the harsh reality of lead times and supply shortages became an obvious problem for its client. The lead times for some of the aluminum beams, which were to be a part of the roof structure, were estimated to be around 30 weeks. This was a delay the project couldn’t afford.

Because of SWF Industrials deep understanding of the field and experience in the industry, it advised the company to switch to galvanized steel for the roof. Not only was it a suitable alternative, but it also drastically reduced the lead times, making it a win-win situation for all involved. Adapting to this change, SWF demonstrated flexibility, knowhow, and initiative in delivering results for its client. 

The result was a collaboration that defined efficiency, resilience, and innovation. 

With the expansion, the bakery will be better equipped to manage the increased demand for its products, both in the U.S. and worldwide. The installation of a cold dock will streamline the process of exporting frozen products to international distribution partners.

The Result

The bakery’s core fabrication services will be completed later in 2023. However, SWF Industrial, will continue to work with the company going forward on this project, which will undoubtedly push the company into the future with a headquarters and manufacturing facility suitable for its meteoric growth.

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