Grey and red Prodevco plasma color

SWF Industrial’s Prodevco Plasma Cutter: Efficiency and Precision

Posted: May 2023

In late 2019, SWF Industrial acquired a groundbreaking plasma cutter that would revolutionize its metal fabrication capabilities. The Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutter, obtained from Burnco Manufacturing Inc. and fused with a Fanuc robot, has given SWF an unmatched efficiency, precision, and accuracy level. 

This cutting-edge technology has catapulted productivity, enhanced lead times, and slashed costs, boosting SWF Industrial’s competitiveness.

Revolutionizing Metal Fabrication

The Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutter easily tackles all structural shapes, from channels, beams, and angles to hollow structural sections (HSS) and rounds. With three major upgrades since 2019, SWF Industrial has continued to push the boundaries of its plasma-cutting technology. 

The onboard computer system streamlines the layout process, saving time and resources. High-level layout workers are no longer limited to time-consuming manual processes, enabling them to take on more projects and increase productivity.

Impressive Value and Benefits

The Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutter offers numerous advantages over traditional beamlines and drill lines, such as:

  • Less maintenance cost and more uptime
  • Increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with savings of up to 20-30%
  • Improved lead times and 20-30% cost savings for customers
  • Creating capacity for high-level employees to take on more projects
  • Compact design, requiring less space
  • Faster processing times compared to beamlines or drill lines

Competitive Edge in the Market

SWF was the first in the area to utilize the Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutter. In contrast, SWF’s investment in cutting-edge technology has allowed it to remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering high-quality products to its partners while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Unmatched Training and Support

SWF Industrial receives in-house training for its plasma cutter operators, backed by an integrated computer system that directly connects to Prodevco. This flawless communication guarantees quick and efficient issue resolution. Prodevco’s stellar customer service, including live chat, helps minimize downtime, empowering SWF to sustain exemplary levels of efficiency and productivity.

Gearing up for Future Growth and Expansion 

With continued success with the Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutter, SWF Industrial plans to run the machine on double shifts, further increasing productivity. The upcoming round-cut upgrade will allow SWF to tackle even more projects with amplified efficiency and quicker lead times while keeping unwavering dedication to precision and top-tier craftsmanship.

Look to SWF for Plasma Cutter Needs

SWF Industrial’s investment in the Prodevco PCR42 Plasma Cutter has revolutionized its metal fabrication capabilities. With increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved lead times, SWF is well-positioned to continue its growth and maintain its competitive advantage for years to come.

When you need an experienced plasma cutter team to support your next job, SWF Industrial’s elite team will partner with you to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions on schedule and within budget. SWF fosters relationships and takes pride in helping its partners achieve their most ambitious goals.

With decades in the industry, backed by a highly experienced, long-tenured team, SWF offers industry-leading services. Start a conversation with their experienced team today to discuss your project.