Wastewater treatment plant aeration piping cleaning the water

Case Study: Water and Wastewater Aeration Piping Project

Posted: September 2023

About The Client

A Florida-based general contractor working on a water and wastewater aeration piping project, reached out to SWF Industrial for assistance with a critical project. With extensive experience in the industry, the contractor sought a reliable partner to address their specific needs in the water and wastewater space.

The Problem

The contractor faced a significant challenge when their current fabricator, despite being local to the contractor, failed to deliver essential pipe spool pieces for a fine bubble aeration basin conversion project at a wastewater treatment plant in Florida. 

The urgency of the situation was compounded by the fact that the project had already started, and the fabricator’s delays were halting the project’s timeline and overall success.

Additionally, there were communication issues, and the contractor  needed to have a trustworthy supplier and partner, to get their contract completed successfully. That is where SWF Industrial came into the picture.

The Solution

Having conducted research online, the contractor discovered SWF Industrial in Wrightsville Pennsylvania, and reached out via sales email, seeking a partner with the expertise and capabilities to address their immediate needs. SWF Industrial responded promptly, showcasing their commitment to understanding and resolving the project’s challenges. 

SWF listened. After making sure they completely understood the needs of their client, they set out to create a plan and ensure their needs were met.

Recognizing the importance of clear communication and collaboration, Business Development Rep Jacob Michael arranged a virtual meeting between the contractor and the project’s engineer on record. This meeting proved crucial in resolving miscommunications and clarifying project specifications. SWF Industrial’s proactive approach in mediating between the parties ensured that everyone was on the same page and enabled the project to move forward smoothly.

The Result

As a result of SWF Industrial’s quick response, effective communication, and collaborative efforts, the issues between the client and engineer were resolved within a matter of hours during the virtual meeting. This collaboration led to the prompt issuance of a purchase order (PO) from the contractor to SWF Industrial for the essential pipe spools.

SWF Industrial demonstrated exceptional dedication by expediting the lead time, ensuring timely delivery of critical components for the project. Despite the challenging circumstances and a compressed timeline, SWF Industrial’s team successfully navigated the obstacles with precision and efficiency. Delivery of the necessary materials is expected in under 90 days from the beginning of their collaboration. 

This partnership not only showcased SWF Industrial’s expertise in the water and wastewater sector but also highlighted their commitment to quality, clear communication, and delivering results that exceed expectations. The successful collaboration clearly represents SWF Industrial’s standard for industry partnerships and emphasizes the importance of teamwork, problem-solving, and proactive communication to achieve exceptional project outcomes.

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