Embracing the Future: SWF Industrial’s Trimble X7 Laser Scanner

Posted: October 2023

Laser scanners may seem like future technology from science fiction or limited to Hollywood for high-tech effects. However, in an industrial landscape where precision and efficiency are paramount, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option; it’s a necessity. 

As a leading metal fabrication company, we at SWF Industrial understand this all too well and continue to invest in revolutionary technology that helps SWF forge the future. Our latest investment, a Trimble X7 Laser Scanner – delivers cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the design and scoping processes that deliver exceptional results to customers, partners, and employees.

Monumental Value and Benefits

At the heart of SWF Industrial’s technological arsenal lies the Trimble X7 Laser Scanner. The laser scanner sets itself apart with its meticulous precision, and surprisingly simple user experience.  

Deploying a network of laser dot grids capable of measuring to ¼ inch accuracy at 16 feet, and scanning out to an impressive 220 feet, this remarkable tool brings advanced technology, and user-friendliness together, only requiring operators to scan an area from multiple angles to get an ultra-accurate visual compiled of intelligently linked data points from the scans. In the past, getting precise measurements meant manually measuring the entire area, a job that could take up an entire day. 

However, the Trimble X7 delivers more accurate measurements in a fraction of the time, turning hours into as little as fifteen minutes, saving both SWF and customers valuable time and resources.

The magic doesn’t stop there. The Trimble X7 uses those dot grids to deliver a full 3D mapped visual of a space, revealing every detail from boxes and wiring to imperfections and hardware that may disrupt the final infrastructure’s seamless fit. This technology creates a point cloud that generates a highly accurate image mirroring reality itself.

One of the most remarkable features of the Trimble X7 is its ability to refine scans with each pass, increasing the accuracy of the data points. For instance, it can detect deviations from the expected straight lines, such as a bowed wall, allowing SWF Industrial to custom-fit designs to the actual space, not just the perceived one.

That means, by repeating scans, any area can be mapped out with incredible accuracy. This allows us to take on complex jobs with the confidence that they have measured far more than twice before cutting once; faster, and with an accuracy that human error often makes impossible.

A Leap in Design and Detailing

We use the Trimble X7 Laser Scanner in conjunction with TEKLA, a Trimble product that bridges the gap between scanning, design, and engineering. That seamless integration connects scanning data to the design phase and even facilitates the transmission of data to equipment that can carry out the construction (where that technology and equipment is available). 

The level of automation is a significant step towards an efficient, error-free industrial landscape.

Even more importantly, the scanner plays a vital role in preempting issues within existing infrastructure. By scanning an area before starting work, SWF Industrial can identify potential problems, such as platform bows, or conduits and wiring, and take corrective measures early on. 

This proactive approach not only saves time and resources but also enhances client satisfaction.

Competitive Edge in the Market

At SWF Industrial, we are committed to providing the best service and pricing possible. While many metal manufacturing companies outsource this critical task to third parties, SWF Industrial has the technology in-house, allowing them to oversee every step and maintain rigorous quality assurance. The result is a final scan product of unparalleled accuracy.

Each scan also provides a panoramic view of the site or area, which informs installation teams and field services, ensuring they are fully prepared and equipped for the installation process. We even output a file that allows clients to “walk through” the area, enhancing project management and quoting processes by aligning expectations with reality.

Gearing up for Future Growth and Expansion

We are excited about the future, and envision a scenario where our team scans a facility, custom-designs pieces to fit seamlessly, and even provides clients with virtual reality glasses to visualize the new infrastructure before any construction begins.

Moreover, SWF Industrial is continually exploring new technologies that integrate seamlessly with their existing software. The strong synergy between Tekla and Trimble, which are both produced and sold by the same company, ensures a seamless experience that consistently improves the final product over time.

Look to SWF for Precision Metal Fabrication Needs

SWF Industrial’s adoption of the Trimble X7 Laser Scanner represents a leap into the future of metal fabrication. 

That investment has not only increased efficiency, eliminated rework, and reduced human error but has also unveiled hidden imperfections that were once invisible to the human eye. As we continue to lead the way in embracing technology that truly enhances their processes, SWF Industrial is the go-to choice for precision metal fabrication needs. With SWF, the future is now.