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SWF Industrial
Metal Fabrication and Installation Services
6287 Lincoln Highway,
Wrightsville, PA. 17368

Structural Steel & Heavy Plate

SWF Industrial’s Structural Steel and Heavy Plate department provides customers with superior quality products and services. Our dedicated fabricators and fitters are highly trained and experienced at holding tight tolerances. They are provided with state-of-the-art equipment enabling them to maintain the highest standards possible, such as our 20′ x 40′ leveling bay, accurate to within 1/64″ for small and large weldments.

Services include, but not limited to:

Tanks and Hoppers of any size or shape
Lined or unlined tanks
Weldments up to 25 tons
Platforms, mezzanines and stairs
Water jackets
Turnkey installation
Certified welding (AWS, ASME)

This combination of qualified employees and high-tech machinery produces the excellence SWF Industrial demands and the consistently high quality our customers expect.

Have your next project fabricated, built and installed by SWF Industrial.