Structural Railings of stainless steel precision welded by SWF


Unpainted, carbon steel, square railings with square-tube handrails. SWF fabricates replicable, high-volume, and precision railings and installs them to code in business or in public spaces.

Aluminum Stairs


An all-aluminum crossover with a platform, railing, and stairs featuring a diamond plate with a bright finish. SWF fabricates custom platforms, railings, and stairs for any type of use. This set of stairs was specifically designed for a factory and was installed over a conveyor and various types of equipment. SWF also installs platforms, railings, and stairs to your exact designs.

Aluminum Stairs


All aluminum stairs are fabricated to make a landing from one elevation to another while traversing over a piece of equipment. SWF can fabricate and install replicable stairs, railings, and platforms at high volume for any industrial or public space.

Structural Stairs shown on water tower for water/wastewater industry. Osha compliant yellow sstairs and stainless

Structural Staircase

This impressive spiral staircase rises and wraps around a structure. The aluminum structure is created with FRP stairs and treads. With proven expertise in wastewater and water treatment plants, SWF can fabricate structural staircases for any industry or need. SWF also can manage your project and install the stairs to any specification in any setting.

Structural Railings


Precision, high-volume, replicable, fabricated railing for a ramp, stairs, and walkway. SWF not only fabricates the railings but also installs them to code. SWF fabricates and installs platforms, mezzanines, stairs, railings, and miscellaneous metals in businesses and public spaces