Completed mobile or transportable piping skid weldment. Whatever your needs, from holding tanks to manifolds, SWF has the experience to construct custom piping skids, including drip pans, overflow or containment pans, carbon valves, and carbon piping.

Mobile Piping Skids

Turnkey mobile or transportable piping skid weldment. From piping skids and holding tanks to industrial gas manifolds and oil storage systems, SWF has the experience to design, build and install custom industrial piping skids with popular features such as drip pans, overflow or containment pans, carbon valves, and carbon piping.

Stainless steel pipe welded to a pipe flange


A stainless-steel pipe welded to a pipe flange, custom fabricated to a customer’s specifications. SWF Industrial can expertly fabricate stainless, carbon, copper, or aluminum piping efficiently and at volume. Whether you need sanitary food-grade, jacketed, or skids, we can handle custom piping jobs ranging from 0.05” to 96” with absolute precision.

Water wastewater complex process piping seen over containment pondStainless Piping

Process Piping

A complex field-installed, stainless steel process piping structure for the wastewater and water treatment industry. SWF is a trusted partner to many contractors and understands the importance of coming in on budget, and on schedule. We expertly fabricate, manage, and install custom piping, including aeration piping and piping skids in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and copper. Our experienced team handles custom projects for any industry and any project regardless of scope or size.

Custom carbon steel piping skid made exactly to client specs, featuring valves, controls, gauges, bypasses, and filters. Shown with yello backdrop and stainless steel frame

Custom Piping Skids

Custom carbon steel piping skid custom-made with multiple valves and controls. This process piping skid was made to unique specifications and is ready to ship. This skid is self-contained, semi-mobile and built with additional pressure controls to serve important process functions in industrial and commercial applications. SWF is experienced in creating exactly what our client needs for any unique metalworking project, and will manage the shipping and installation of unique fabrication projects, whether connected to a larger process or installed in the field.

Stainless Steel food grade jacketed piping

Food-Grade Jacketed Pipe

Jacketed pipe systems feature a core pipe surrounded by a jacket pipe so that process flows through the core pipe while heating or cooling flows in the space between the core and jacketed pipes. SWF regularly fabricates all parts for custom jacketed pipes that clamp tight and never leak. This jacketed pipe is stainless steel on the inside and the outside.

Stainless Piping


Custom stainless-steel utility and wastewater pipe for large systems and municipalities. SWF is a leader in the custom fabrication and construction of stainless steel. SWF professionals specialize in installation and project management for wastewater and utility piping from start to finish, no matter how complicated the project is.

Stainless Steel Piping


Large diameter stainless steel header pipe with smaller diameter inlays for wastewater. It features a seamless weld by one of SWF’s master craftsmen. Custom fabricated for large-scale wastewater operations, SWF can manage your project from start to finish and customize the installation to your specifications.

Stainless steel water and wastewater treatment aeration Piping

Wastewater Aeration Piping

Versatile piping fabricated with outlets for aeration pipes for wastewater. This custom fabrication was perfectly designed to ensure the components were tightly secured to prevent any leakage. This project was completed with the help of our project management team and installation from one of our Field Service crews. SWF can supply fabricated piping for the wastewater industry that meets your specific needs and specifications.

Stainless steel wastewater piping

Wastewater Piping

Customized, stainless steel, welded pipe elbows for aeration pipes for the wastewater industry. SWF offers full professional support for water and wastewater plants, including aeration piping, project management, and fabricated metals for water treatment.

Custom carbon steel piping skid showing excellent metal work, valves, and guages.

Piping Skids

Custom carbon steel piping skid featuring an array of high performance valves for superior flow control in demanding industrial applications. We can value engineer piping skid systems to provide unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and safety along with cost effective construction, to meet your exact requirements. Partner with SWF Industrial for innovative piping skid solutions to optimize your process operations and enhance your facility’s productivity.