Tank, chutes, hoppers, and other customized stainless steel sheet metal constructions are no problem for SWF. Welding such as MIG (shown) and TIG, and engineering features


Tanks and other customized stainless steel sheet metal products for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Specializing in MIG welding and TIG welding, SWF can engineer formed or rolled sheet metal, supportive stiffeners, angle flanges, and any structural feature you need for tanks, hoppers and other containment structures.

Light grey painted or glass bead finished custom chute or hopper.


A light grey painted or glass bead finished custom fabricated stainless steel hopper. The hopper is built to distinct specifications and fits onto a larger piece of equipment. The hole in the center acts as a release to organize a product. This hopper can be fabricated to food-grade specifications, as well. SWF Industrial produces stainless or carbon chutes and hoppers of any size, type, or thickness to meet your exact specs and give you the storage space you need.

Carbon Steel Dual Chute Hopper, dark grey steel frame upside down on grey cement

Dual Chute Hopper

This unpainted carbon steel dual chute hopper is currently upside down, but when placed upright, will fit perfectly with the custom tank that was fabricated for this project. Purpose-built with a carbon steel frame with multiple openings, SWF fabricated this hopper with plenty of spacing and support to withstand heavy objects and equipment utilizing heavy-duty carbon steel. SWF Industrial fabricates unique and custom tanks, hoppers, and chutes to fit our clients’ needs.

Cyclone Hopper

The carbon steel cyclone hoppers, shown upside down, fit perfectly with the fabricated stainless-steel tanks that were custom built for this project. The cyclone hoppers serve many needs, including the separation of powdered, fine product, and dust, once completed, the hoppers will be finished with the appropriate paint to mark their purpose in the process, SWF specializes in and regularly fabricates custom cyclones, tanks, and hoppers to meet your specific needs.

Stainless Steel Hopper


A stainless steel, food-grade hopper custom fabricated by SWF’s experienced professionals for machinery or a device to rest on top of an attached elbow. The hopper is custom designed by SWF with coves and ports on the side for additional attachments or aeration.

food grade stainless steel sugar holding tanks

Food-Grade Holding Tanks

Stainless steel sugar holding tank for food, snack, and beverage applications. Impeccably crafted with food-grade welding, it boasts a polished internal finish and a mill-finish exterior. The tank’s fabrication starts with laser or plasma cut sheet steel, precise rolling, fitting, welding, and smoothing for a flawless, sanitary interior. Designed for industrial and commercial food, snack, and beverage production, this holding tank caters to production facilities in the commercial food, snack, and beverage sector.

Carbon Steel Tanks

Carbon Steel Tanks

White-painted carbon steel tanks in the process of installation. Crafted through plasma cutting, rolling, and precision welding, they feature supports and cross-bracing for structural integrity. SWF’s leading fabrication skills are evident in every finished piece, tailored for industrial facility product storage in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Blue Mobile Hopper Totes

Hopper Totes

Painted carbon steel hopper totes designed for easy mobility with forklift pockets. Crafted through saw and plasma cutting, rolling, and welding, the totes feature robust dish tank heads to deliver safe and reliable performance. These mobile product storage containers were expertly welded, fabricated, and finished in SWF’s dedicated carbon steel bay. SWF’s highly experienced team delivers quality custom metal fabrication, every time.