Sheet Metal Guarding


Laser-turreted punched and deburred guards. Formed on a press break, SWF can fabricate hundreds of guards simultaneously with bent-up paneling for air conditioner systems for mass transit. These guards were built to support inserts and were made with a complete powder coating system that was uniquely designed for our customers’ processes and requirements.

Roof Dunnage with Air Handler

A fabricated dunnage with handrails using miscellaneous metals holding up an air unit on a roof. SWF can supply fabricated miscellaneous metal to meet your needs and specifications for housing industrial-sized equipment like air units.


Laser-cut stainless steel with venting to regulate airflow and temperature for a guard or cover of a control panel. These guards were built specifically for our customers’ processes and requirements for an industrial setting. SWF’s experienced welders and fabricators can create precise, high-volume guards to meet your exact design and needs.

Sheet Metal Enclosures


Stainless steel enclosure with a shelf that slides in and out, with doors for protection. SWF fabricated this enclosure to strict specifications for food and pharmaceutical industries and can customize it with options for sliding doors, added shelves, and windows through welding and laser cutting.

Sheet Metal Enclosure


A fabricated water bath for battery manufacturing. SWF fabricated the enclosure with a conveyor for cooling and charging batteries in water. The stainless-steel structure was engineered to specifications for the battery industry, complete with fiberglass panels for easy viewing and protection.

Sheet Metal Guarding


Fabricated stainless steel guards that are built to fit onto equipment. This conveyor guard is custom fabricated in volume for the food and beverage industry. SWF can fabricate hundreds of guards simultaneously with uniquely bent paneling for our customer’s specific needs and requirements.

custom premium stainless steel sheet metal enclosures from SWF Industrial


Upgrade your food and beverage facility with custom premium stainless steel enclosures from SWF Industrial – the ideal solution for hygienic, corrosion resistant protection. These enclosures withstand rigorous cleaning, ensuring safety and compliance in the most regulated industries. SWF manufactures these enclosures in various sizes and customizable configurations to meet your specifications and preserve the integrity of your equipment. Trust SWF Industrial for top-quality, durable, stainless steel enclosures tailored to your exact needs in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Durable carbon steel melter enclosure finished with high-temperature silver paint

Melter Enclosure

A custom-designed melter enclosure for industrial foundry or steel production applications. Fabricated from durable carbon steel and finished with high-temperature silver paint, this robust melter enclosure is built to withstand the most demanding environments. With convenient features like hatches and hinges, it is engineered for practicality and ease of use. Completely tailored to your specific application, our melter enclosure exemplifies SWF Industrial’s commitment to providing customized, high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of the heavy industries.

Dark steel gay heavy industrial reinforced oxide bins stacked on the factory floor

Oxide Bin

Built to withstand the rigors of highly corrosive environments like foundries and quarries, these heavy industrial reinforced oxide bins are completed and ready to ship. Used in many applications including the battery industry, they are custom fabricated from heavy gauge carbon steel plate due to its durable and reliable properties.