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SWF Industrial
Metal Fabrication and Installation Services
6287 Lincoln Highway,
Wrightsville, PA. 17368


SWF Industrial fabricates and installs high process sanitary systems, utilizing any type of metal material – carbon steel, stainless steel or special alloy. Prefabrication of piping skids and spools assures greater control and accuracy in complex projects, and significantly reduces the disruption at your plant for set-up, installation and implementation.

The team of experienced craftsmen at SWF Industrial specializes in on-site assembly, installation, rigging and testing of equipment used in the food processing industry.

We also know that nothing is more important to your operations than food safety. We understand the complex food safety regulations that your facility must comply with, and we make sure that your equipment installation, repairs, and maintenance meet these requirements.

Successful fabricating and installation of food processing equipment requires the very best in quality coupled with precise calibration. SWF Industrial provides one of the most complete sets of engineering detail, fabrication and field services in the industry.